FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Questions about us

What is Stöckli rental?

The official online rental platform of the Swiss heritage brand Stöckli. We want to enable you to get the Stöckli ski you want with as few clicks as possible so you can experience unforgettable ski days.

What are the benefits of renting your skis on our platform now?
  • We offer only adult skis from Stöckli – the Swiss brand that never compromises when it comes to quality, gear or performance.
  • We are already up and running at 20 locations – more coming all the time.
  • We are (almost) always directly at the aerial tramway – no more schlepping skis around the countryside.
  • We prep your equipment whenever possible before you arrive – less waiting and standing in line on-site
  • We offer free cancellation up until 6:30 a.m. the day of your rental – no more bad weather ski days.
  • We reserve exactly the ski you desire in your size – this service is second to none.
  • You can save your skier profile – that makes your next rental even faster.
  • With us, extra fees for example for breakage and theft insurance are already included – no more annoying additional costs on-site.

Questions about our prices and offers

Where do I find the prices?

Prices vary depending on the location. Thus, you first have to select your Pick-Up Point and date. Then you will see our ski offers and prices for your selected location.

Can I also rent other gear such as ski boots or helmets, for example?

Ski boots can be rented on every Pick-Up Point in addition to skis. Upon booking you will be automatically directed to the page where you can pick out boots after you choose your skis. The offer of additional gear, such as helmets or also lift pass varies depending on the Pick-Up Point.

Will I find extra costs on my bill?

No, our prices are all-inclusive, with all fees (including breakage and theft insurance).

Questions about the rental process

Can I change my rental later after completing it?

Due to the online payment, your reservation is binding and you can not alter the rental any more (except the sole length, which can be added after the fact).

Can I add my sole length later?

Yes, in addition to the rental confirmation email, you will receive a second email with a link where you can update your sole length.

I completed a rental but never received a rental confirmation – what should I do?

Click on “login,” and log in with your email address. Go to “My account,” then “My ski trips,” and there you will see all of your confirmed trips as well as any that have not yet been booked. If your trip appears as “confirmed trips”, then the rental was successfully completed. If after a few more minutes you still have not received a rental confirmation, you can contact us at rental@stoeckli.ch. If your trip is still listed under “unconfirmed & pending trips”, your booking has not yet been completed. Click on “edit” to complete the rental booking.

Did you make an error during your rental booking or do you have other general questions about your rental?

You are welcome to contact us either by email at rental@stoeckli.ch or by telephone at +41 41 492 62 22.

Questions about payments

What is the benefit of paying online?

With online payment, you can reserve precisely your desired ski. In addition, you benefit from a pre-fitting (assuming you have input all necessary information). This means your equipment is prepared and waiting for you so when you arrive everything is ready to go. Nevertheless, there can still be a wait if there happens to be a particularly big rush at the shop that day.

Questions about equipment pickup

Where can I pick-up my rented equipment?

Before you input your desired date, you can scroll all the way down where you will see the relevant information about the Pick-Up Point and ski resort.

What happens if the equipment doesn’t work out well or suit me?

You of course have the chance to trade out your equipment in case something should not work out. The Pick-Up Point simply preps the equipment for you so you can immediately hit the slopes assuming everything fits well and suits you.

Can I trade out my skis after a half-day?

Yes, you can exchange the skis you rented for others within the same price category.

And if I arrive a little bit later than the pick-up time specified – what do I need to do?

The booked equipment remains reserved for you for two hours. After this, it is possible that the skis you reserved will have been rented to another. To be safe, we recommend that you let the Pick-Up Point know (the telephone number can be found in the rental confirmation).

What happens if I need to cancel the rental on short notice?

The rental can be cancelled at no charge up until 6:30 a.m. the day of your rental.